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Gluten Free Rough Puff

I've updated my gluten free puff pastry to make it sweet rice free, as this can be hard to get hold of from time to time. It is just as puffy and flaky and maybe even a little easier to work with than the recipe in River Cottage Gluten Free! Just remember to work fast and keep everything chilled. Success with gluten free puff means always making sure that dough and butter are at the same consistency before you roll. It's in the Goldilocks zone - not too soft, not to firm, just right.


Make your own water kefir!

Download these simple instructions for making your own water kefir from grains that you can buy online, or maybe a friend has gifted you some? Try Happy Kombucha for grains


Make your own gluten free sourdough starter

Many people react to bakers yeast in the same way as they do to gluten, so sourdough can make a huge difference to bloating and discomfort. The sourdough process reduces anti-nutrients in grains, seeds and pulses, making for more digestible breads


Caffeine detox

Because we all lead such busy lives, it can be tempting to prop yourself up with caffeine and avoid feeling tired. It's ok as a short term fix, but think about weaning yourself off caffeine and addressing the reason you need it, with these simple alternatives.


Making grains more digestible

All grains contain anti-nutrients that can interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients. discover some simple ways to reduce the anti-nutrients in grains, pulses, nuts and seeds.


If you're going to try fermenting then download this info on the types of mould and yeasts you should be concerned about and the ones that are perfectly harmless. It will give you total fermenting confidence!